Disk springs and washers

High quality disk springs and washers of verified quality!

Schnorr company is the oldest manufacturer of disk springs in the world. The company has been providing high quality spring disk and washers for more then 100 years.


Schnorr podložke

For many years Klasand successfully represents recognizable German trademark of Adolf Schnorr GmbH company.

This is how Klasand provides high quality combined with longstanding experience to its clients.

We offer:

  • Disk springs as per DIN 2093
  • Custom made disk springs manufactured from special materials and in special dimensions according to your specification
  • Safety washers as per DIN 6796
  • Load washers as per DIN 6796
  • Custom made spring units
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Company Card

Klasand d. o. o.,
Hotinja vas, Račka cesta 38,
2312 Orehova vas,

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Klasand d.o.o.

Telephone +386 2 60 40 111
Fax +386 2 60 40 110
E-mail info@klasand.si

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