For industrial cleaning of small parts

We have the perfect solution for industrial parts cleaning!

IBS Scherer

Unique cleaning machines and special cleaning products, ready to meet all international requirements and at the same time strict rules that ensure the safety for human health and the environment.

Klasand represent the German company IBS Scherer GmbH, which manufactures equipment and provides solutions for cleaning all over the world for more than 35 years.

Multitude of models of different sizes provide the right solution to meet the needs of all users. The advantage of the devices is in patented IBS pumping system. Automatic and energy-saving pump operates smoothly and maintenance-free. They can be used, for example in maintenance, as well as the manufacturing part of the industrial plant. These are safe and durable machines that meet all the regulations of the European Union, as evidenced by the CE marking.

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Klasand d. o. o.,
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2312 Orehova vas,

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Klasand d.o.o.

Telephone +386 2 60 40 111
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