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Suhner Flexdrill

Problems that arise are more and more demanding and specific. Klasand company tries to give to our clients the best possible solution for the problem they have. Based on our year long experience and knowledge we approach each problem individually and provide the best possible solution.

How do we provide you with a tailored solution?

  • The client presents his problem (machining or assembly).
  • The client presents technical documentation (drawings, sketches) or product (complete or in differet phases).
  • Based on the technical documentation and clients requirements we prepare a solution - offer (sometimes more options are possible).
  • For layouts and models of SUHNER units visit

Suhner Machining

SUHNER Machining products that we offer:

  • BEM drill units
  • Cutting (tapering) units GEM
  • BEX machining units
  • Movable tables, turning tables
  • CNC units BEA
  • Multispindle heads (adaptable or fixed)
  • Special purpose machine

Desoutter (Chicago Pneumatic, Georges Renault)

Desoutter products that we offer:

  • Electric screwdrivers (linear, angled and gun like models)
  • Pneumatic screwdrivers (line head, angled head and pistol grip)
  • Pneumatic screwdrivers
  • Autofeed screw units
  • Balancers, bench stands
  • Pneumatic motors
  • Pneumatic drilling machines (line head, angled head, pistol grip)
  • Complete working post or special purpose machine
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