For inductive heat treatment of metals

Do you need high quality equipment for induction heating and heat treatment of metals?

Klasand offers you the right answer to all your questions relating to induction heating and heat treatment of metals!


Inductoheat Europe – your destination for all questions related to induction heating and heat treatment!

The company, which is part of the global group INDUCTOTHERM, is the European leader in induction heating technologies. It develops and manufactures induction heating equipment for a variety of industrial applications at its parent factory in Reichenbach. Production includes both standard and special hardening equipment as well as high frequency converters.

Induction hardening involves the heating of the surface layer of a workpiece to a temperature above the forming structure of the material using high-frequency alternating current and thereafter selectively cooling it. Desired changes in properties can be precisely limited to a particular area of the workpiece using this method, which enables accurate control of the heating time and temperature.

Advantages of induction heating:

  • the process conserves resources and is environmentally friendly,
  • rapid and partial heating of workpieces,
  • low energy consumption,
  • high throughput,
  • uniform hardening process and values,
  • excellent reproducibility and automation possibility,
  • minimal distortion and incidence of scaling,
  • minimal space requirement,
  • minimal capital outlay due to optimally adaptable equipment variants for both standard and special machinery.
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